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CEO : Yoon Chun Sung

LX International, 58, Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 03184, Korea

LX International

Since its inception as ‘Lucky Industry Corporation’ in 1953, LX International has persistently reinvented itself and made progress. Through the journey from ‘Bando Corporation,’ ‘Lucky Goldstar International Corp.,’ ‘LG International Corp.,’ to LX International, we have laid the foundation for trade in Korea and gone hand in hand with the nation’s economic development.

Now, we are gearing up to become a global trading company that provide a full suite of services across the entire value chain ranging from trading to business development, investment to financing & raw material supply to logistics. We are looking to further raise our brand reputation as well as to continue the innovation and growth based on over 50 business hubs around the globe.

LX International has contributed to the competitiveness of our customers by delivering values that live up to their expectation. We will shape a future of business solution through the identification and provision of differentiated customer value.

Company LX International Corp.
CEO Yoon Chun Sung
Address LX International, 58, Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 03184, Korea
Phone 82-2-6924-3114 (Operator)
Major Financial
Sales revenue : 14,514 KRW billion
Operating income : 433 KRW billion (2023, K-IFRS)
Major Subsidiaries
  • LX Pantos

    LX Pantos has advanced onto the global stage, representing as a Korea comprehensive and global logistics company. Based on the best global network, advanced logistics information system, and network system that connects major ports and airports in the world, we are creating value beyond logistics by connecting the world.

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  • Poseung Green Power

    Poseung Green Power operates a biomass cogeneration plant in Poseung Industrial Complex, Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do. It uses lignocellulosic biomass as fuel to produce up to 43MWh of electricity per hour, and is also engaged in the Integrated energy business that supplies steam to tenants in the Poseung Industrial Complex.

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  • Hankuk Glass Industries Inc.

    Hankuk Glass Industries Inc.(Hanglas), established in 1957, has the longest history among Korean glass manufacturing companies. It is a leading company in the field of glass manufacturing that secures excellent technology and a stable market position based on manufacturing capabilities accumulated over a long period of time, such as the development of energy-saving Low-e glass for the first time in Korea.

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CEO greeting

Welcome to all our valued customers visiting the LX International website.
We are deeply grate+E4ful for your sustained interest and warm affection.

LX International is actively pursuing new achievements with greater determination than ever before.

Despite the ongoing uncertainty concerning the overall business environment, including instability caused by international situations and weakening economic growth for major countries, LX International still proactively and agilely manages risks and primarily focuses on the profitability enhancement of our existing businesses. Additionally, we aim to sophisticate our business portfolio by securing promising assets and fostering new strategic regions in preparation for the future upturn cycles.

In particular, we remain fully committed to diversify our business further centered on the future growth areas.

Based on the newly acquired AKP nickel mine in Indonesia, we will expand the business Value Chain into sectors including electric vehicle (EV) components and materials such as secondary batteries, and materialize business opportunities in promising areas by newly entering into the food business.

We will diversify our regional portfolio and strive to expand our business base. Significant high growth potential regions such as India and the Middle East have been selected as new strategic areas, and we will focus on enhancing our business capabilities through strengthening our bases and market sensing.

Moreover, LX International will maintain a balanced business portfolio between the existing and new businesses to secure our future growth engine. We will dedicate our utmost efforts towards creating ideal customer value and enhancing our business value, aligned with our vision of 'Future in Business Solution'.

Please give us your strong interest and great support for the continuous growth of LX International

Thank you.

CEO Yoon Chun Sung

Company history

2019 ~ Present Future in Business Solution

Incorporated into LX Holdings, which was launched in 2021, and changed the company name from LG International to LX International taking a leap forward as “a key player in the future promising energy sector”, the company has set its mid- to long-term strategic direction to lead the growth of LX Group through the creation of new businesses.

Based on the vision of 'Future in Business Solution', we are making every effort to thoroughly create customer value and enhance business value in order to take a step forward as a company.

Creating the Future in Business Solution

  1. 2024

    1. 01 Completed the acquisition of Indonesia’s AKP Nickel Mine.

  2. 2023

    1. 04 Achieved the ‘ISO 27001’ certification regarding the information security management system from the British Standards Institution (BSI).

    2. 01 Acquired Hankuk Glass Industries Inc.(LX Glas Corp.) and secured management rights

  3. 2022

    1. 11 Recieved grade ‘A’ in the KCGS ESG evaluation for 3 consecutive years

    2. 10 Acquired Poseung Green Power Co., Ltd. and secured management rights

    3. 07 Established the ESG Committee

    4. 02 Establishment of subsidiary company Eco & Logis Busan and resolution of investment

  4. 2021

    1. 12 Won a Tin Tower Industrial Decoration on 58th Trade Day

    2. 07 Changed the corporate name from LG International Corp. to LX International Corp.

  5. 2020

    1. 10 Won the excellent ESG company award 2020 in the outstanding companies category

    2. 07 Selected as a free-willed mutual cooperative company by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups

    3. 01 Began commercial operation of Hasang hydroelectric power plant in Indonesia

  6. 2019

    1. 12 listed Musandam Power Company(Musandam Power Plant) to the Muscat stock exchange in Oman

2007 ~ 2018 Develop new business models

In 2017, the Oman Musandam Thermal Power Plant started commercial operation. LX International, which has built a gas thermal power plant on the Musandam Peninsula in Oman and is running a plant as a Independent Power Producer, Starting with the initial proposal of this project, construction of power plant, project financing, commercial operation, By leading all the departments leading up to the listing on the stock market, he has demonstrated the differentiated capability of competitive advantage.

Expand resource and infrastructure-oriented asset investment

  1. 2018

    1. 10 Completed Petrochemical plant in Turkmenistan

    2. 09 Acquired an equity for a couple of Palm Plantation(GUM, TBSM) in Indonesia

  2. 2017

    1. 12 Began operation of Cement Plant in Myanmar
      Began operation of Wuwei Thermal Power Plant in China

    2. 11 Began operation of Musandam Power Plant in Oman

  3. 2016

    1. 11 Began construction in Hasang hydroelectric power plant in Indonesia

    2. 09 Began production in GAM coal mine at Indonesia

  4. 2015

    1. 10 Completed refinery plant in Turkmenistan
      Invested in Wuwei combined heat & power plant in Gansusheng, China

    2. 08 Advanced in Hasang hydroelectric power plant in Indonesia
      Aquisition of Dangjin Tank Terminal

    3. 05 Aquisition of controlling stake in Pantos Logistics

  5. 2014

    1. 07 Completed construction of a Coal-to-Chemicals plant and began commercial production at Inner Mongolia in China

    2. 06 Acquired the right to sell the sulfur produced in the gas desulfurization facilities of Turkmengas in Turkmenistan

    3. 05 Received an order for petrochemical plant 3.4 billion dollars in Turkmenistan

  6. 2013

    1. 12 Acquired 7.5% of STX Energy through the consortium of LX International and GS Corporation

    2. 09 Completed Galkynysh gas treatment plant of 1.5 billion dollars in Turkmenistan

    3. 07 Acquired an equity for Coal to Chemical plant at Inner Mongolia in China
      Received an order for Petroleum processing plant of 240 million dollars in Turkmenistan

  7. 2012

    1. 12 Acquired an equity for ten oil mines in Colombia

    2. 10 Completed palm-oil(CPO) processing plant in Indonesia

    3. 07 Acquired GAM Coal mine in Indonesia

    4. 03 Received an order for modernization of oil refinery plant of 530 million dollars in Turkmenistan

  8. 2011

    1. 09 Began commercial production in Wantugou coal mine at Inner Mongolia in China

    2. 05 Acquired an equity for three Oil fields including the block Fell in Chile

  9. 2010

    1. 09 Acquired an equity for steel coil center in China
      Invested in Rosemont copper mine in USA

    2. 06 Participated in ‘Sal de vida project’ of Lithium exploration in Argentina

    3. 04 Acquired an equity for NW Konys oil field in Kazakhstan

  10. 2009

    1. 12 Received an order for Gas treatment Plant of 1.5 billion dollars in Turkmenistan

    2. 11 Ventured into the Palm Oil plantation business in Indonesia

    3. 02 Began commercial production in West Bukha Oil field in Oman
      Began commercial production in MPP coal mine in Indonesia

  11. 2007

    1. 11 Received an order for Polypropylene Plant of 170 million dollars in Vietnam

1995 ~ 2006 LG International began to sail

Even in the crisis of IMF, triggered by the serial bankruptcy of prominent domestic firms through nonpayment and radical collapse of financial market, causing disastrous national nonpayment, LX International demonstrated even better its ability as a international organizer. Receiving the order for NODCO Oil refinery project in Qatar, amount of seven hundred million dollars, is representative of the good examples. It was a triumph over outstanding competitors from France, Japan and others, won even in the worst financial situation caused by IMF crisis. Moreover, it was recorded as the largest of all the overseas projects done by Korean firms in the year. The best output under the worst environment! That is the true implication of receiving the order for Qatar Oil refinery project.

Established a foundation for stability beyond a suffering from IMF crisis

  1. 2006

    1. 11 Divided human resources into LG International and LG Fashion Corporation

    2. 02 Received an order for Aromatics Plant of 1.5 billion dollars in Oman

  2. 2005

    1. 08 Acquired an equity in ADA Oil field in Kazakhstan

  3. 2004

    1. 05 Received an order for Polypropylene plant of 180 million dollars in Oman

  4. 2003

    1. 11 Won the Tower of Export of 15 billion dollars on 40th Trade Day

    2. 01 Initiated investment business for RapuRapu mine in Philippines

  5. 2002

    1. 12 Signed a contract with Vietnam Gas Corporation(“Petro Vietnam Gas”) on supplying gas from 2006 to 2028

    2. 09 Received an order for gas plant in Iran

    3. 05 Received an order for Oil refinery in Libya

    4. 01 Received an order for oil refinery in Turkey

  6. 2001

    1. 03 Received an order for petrochemical plant in Iran

  7. 2000

    1. 05 Received an order for petrochemical plant in Kuwait

  8. 1999

    1. 11 Won the Tower of Export of 10 billion dollars on 36th Trade Day

    2. 09 Made an agreement with Sinarmas Group in Indonesia on two hundred million dollar trade

    3. 01 Unified Trading CU and Fashion CU

  9. 1998

    1. 07 Received an order for Oil refinery plant from Qatar, amount of seven hundred million dollars

    2. 06 Managed exchange risk in preparation for introduction of in-company futures exchange system

  10. 1997

    1. 11 Won a Gold Tower Industrial Decoration on 34th Trade Day

    2. 06 Introduced a piece-rate compensation system for staffs over assitant manager

    3. 02 Participated in equity for Bukha oil field in production stage
      Participated in joint development of Dong Pao mine in Vietnam

  11. 1996

    1. 11 Received an order for refined oil plant of TPI company in Thailand

  12. 1995

    1. 12 Completed Gamcheon petrochemical tank-terminal in Busan for the first time among general trading companies in Korea

    2. 01 Company name changed to LG International Corp.

1984 ~ 1994 Expand the functions as a trading company

In 1980s, Lucky Goldstar Trading Corporation realized a visible success in businesses such as Current States, as a result of expanding the functions of trading company by strengthening powers in financing, information and organizing. The project for developing soft coal at Ensham region in Australia is one of the most outstanding examples of the success. In this project which it took part in 1983, Lucky Goldstar won a triumph of discovering a vein of soft coal of a world scale in three years of exploration.

Enter the investment in developing foreign natural resources

  1. 1994

    1. 06 Signed an agreement on joint development of Elga thermal coal mine in Republic of Saha, Russia

    2. 01 Signed a contract to supply coal for Kepco for ten years
      Imported Helicopter(KA-32T) from Russia for the first time in Korea
      Fashion CU spun off from Trading CU

  2. 1993

    1. 08 Set up a joint trading corporation named ‘Erel’ in Russia

  3. 1992

    1. 08 Participated in exploring Block 11-2 in southern sea of Vietnam

  4. 1991

    1. 11 Won the Tower of Export of three million dollars and the Silver Tower Industrial Decoration on 28th Trade Day
      Set up a branch in Bucharest, Rumania

    2. 05 Set up a branch in Beijing, China

    3. 03 Set up a Korean-Russian joint trading company named ‘Risco’ for the first time in Korea

  5. 1990

    1. 10 Exported manufacturing plant for tungsten powder to India for the first time in Korea
      Set up a branch in Moscow, Soviet Union

    2. 06 Held a signing ceremony with Middleland Bank in England for a joint venture to develop copper mine in Chile

  6. 1989

    1. 12 Exported dyeing plant to Iran, and signed a contract for compensation trade for the first time in Korea

    2. 09 Participated in developing Belliz oil field in Mexican Bay

    3. 03 Set up a channel for direct trade with Soviet Union, and exported consumer products directly to the country

    4. 01 Opened a letter of credit between Beijing and Seoul for the first time

  7. 1988

    1. 12 Hosted a large scaled general commodity exhibition in Moscow for the first time among general trading companies

    2. 03 Set up a joint venture with Chevron corp. to participate in oil field development on a full scale in US

  8. 1987

    1. 02 Exploration project completed for Ensham thermal coal mine in Queenslands, Australia

  9. 1986

    1. 11 Exported color TVs and VCRs to Australia by Goldstar brand

    2. 01 Exported color TVs to Nepal for the first time in Korea

  10. 1985

    1. 10 Exported electric hardware of one million dollars to Republic of Trinidad

    2. 09 Exported printers to US by OEM for the first time in Korea

    3. 03 Won the Bronze Tower Industrial Decoration on 13th Commerce & Industry Day

  11. 1984

    1. 04 Signed a long-term contract to import Petroleum from Equator

    2. 03 Signed a contract to develop Adang oil field in Indonesia

    3. 01 Changed the company name to Lucky Goldstar International Corp.

1970 ~ 1983 Acquired a license for general trading company

Since it changed company name to Bando Trading Corporation, Lucky Industry steadily continued to grow up, and ended up acquiring a license for a general trading company in November 12 in 1976. Bando Trading Corporation, a well-equiped power as a general trading company, has got to catch sight of spacious ocean for global competition. It is self-evident that the company has built a foundation necessary to stand firm as a globalized business.

Accelerating development of new overseas market

  1. 1983

    1. 12 Signed a contract for Sabic Project in Saudi Arabia

    2. 11 Won the Silver Tower Industrial Decoration on 20th Export Day

    3. 03 Signed an agreement on taking part in development of thermal coal in Queensland in Australia

  2. 1982

    1. 12 Received an order for a substation turnkey project from Office of Electric power in Bangladesh for the first time in Korea

  3. 1981

    1. 12 Won the Tower of Export on 18th Export Day for exporting five hundred million dollars

    2. 07 Exported Steel Plant to Egypt for the first time in Korea

  4. 1979

    1. 11 Won the Tower of Export on 16th Export Day for exporting four hundred million dollars

    2. 03 Made a contract with Pernaz Trade Corporation to get authorized for monopolistic power to sell elevators

  5. 1977

    1. 07 Changed company’s English name to BandoSangsa Co. Ltd

    2. 02 Received the first permit to pass the customs by means of a person’s name

  6. 1976

    1. 11 Won the Tower of One Hundred Million Dollars Export and Gold Tower Industrial Decoration on 13th Export Day
      Designated as a general trading company

    2. 10 Got through one hundred million dollars’ export

    3. 08 Set up 10 branches including Amsterdam and San paolo

    4. 03 Set up a branch in London, England
      Set up a branch in Tripoli, Libya

    5. 01 Public offering of shares, with a capital increase to 1.2 billion won

  7. 1975

    1. 10 Set up a branch in Paris, France

    2. 01 Set up a branch in Kuwait

  8. 1974

    1. 12 Launched Bando Fashion and opened the first store of Myungdong in Myungdong

  9. 1971

    1. 07 Set up a branch in LA, USA

  10. 1970

    1. 11 Won the Bronze Tower Industrial Decoration On 7th Export Day for an honorable contribution to export

    2. 02 Merged Lucky Fiber Corporation, entering sewing industry on a full scale

1953 ~ 1969 Established Lucky Industry Corporation

On November 26 in 1953, In Hwoi Koo, the founder of LG Group, established Lucky Industry Corporation, a form of corporation, and took office of the first president. LX International, like this, began to sail as a firm with a form of corporation for the first time in LG Group. In accordance with the consistent progress of business, LX International has been changing its name to Bando Trading Corporation in 1956, to Lucky Goldstar Trading corporation in 1984, and currently called LG International in 1995. Lucky Industry located its main office at Moogyodong, Joong-gu in Seoul and specialized in raw material import, introduction of machine and facilities, customs clearance, collection of overseas information, and so on.

Specialized in export and import of Lucky Group

  1. 1969

    1. 12 Set up a branch in Frankfurt, Germany
      Won the Bronze Tower Industrial Decoration On 6th Export Day for an honorable contribution to export

    2. 11 Introduced an electronic calculator for operation for the first time in domestic field of private firms(IBM SYSTEM 360, MODEL 25)

    3. 10 Broke through five million dollars’ export
      Set up a branch Hamburg, Germany

  2. 1968

    1. 05 Set up a branch in New Deli Branch, India

  3. 1967

    1. 06 Set up a branch in New York, USA

  4. 1966

    1. 11 Prime Minister Prize awarded on Third Export Day for realizing one million dollars’ export

    2. 07 Busan Factory constructed at Yonji-dong in Busan, Korea(Wigs into production)

  5. 1965

    1. 06 Set up a branch in Tokyo, Japan

    2. 01 Set up a branch in Nairobi, Kenya

  6. 1956

    1. 04 Company’s name Changed to Bando Corporation as a general trading company

  7. 1953

    1. 11 In-Hwoi Koo was inaugurated as the first president of the company
      Established Lucky Industry Corporation

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