LG상사 대표이사 송치호 사진

Greetings to all of you!

From its humble beginnings as Lucky Industry in 1953, LGI has since contributed to boosting South Korea’s exports and economic growth.

LGI conducts businesses in areas ranging from resources to infrastructure. We have a staff of 1,000 employees working at 60 hub locations within 32 nations around the world. Our employees take the initiative to drive our business forward as global business challengers.

We vow to continue our innovative efforts to stay up to date with technology.

Toward that end, LGI closely links businesses on resources and infrastructure in order to maximize business synergies and further expand asset portfolios for profit stabilization.

We will focus on coal and palm since we have experience and capability in the field to secure new assets for resource development. In addition, we will expand the revenue base with the advanced management of the current investment projects.

We will put emphasis on profitability of the ongoing investment projects for the infrastructure business. Meanwhile, we will continue to seek new business opportunities, especially in developing countries.

In addition, we will consistently seek long-term business opportunities in new fields including food resources and green minerals.

To LGI’s shareholders and customers!

All employees at LGI honor the company’s vision “Global Business Challenger” in the same direction with one heart and one mind. In order to realize our company’s vision, we vow to continuously develop our unique capabilities.

We hope to receive your continuous support and patronage for LGI.

Thank you very much.

LG Internaional CEO Song Chi-ho