'What do customers deem to be most valuable?' LGI will begin by viewing the whole business through the customers' eyes. We are committed to providing values beyond our customers' expectations by pondering upon what customers consider to be the most valuable from their viewpoints, not simply ours as the providers.

I am deeply grateful for your unwinding interests and magnificent attention.

Since the establishment of LGI in 1953, it has taken the initiative in building the foundation of trade for Korea's economic growth and prosperity. Nowadays, LGI has set about establishing 50 business networks in nearly 20 countries thus achieving continuous growth on the global stage after embarking on a series of changes and innovations amid competitive market competition.

The vision of LGI is 'Future in Business Solution'
It carries our strong will to create a better future in business solutions by solving the customers' Pain Points proactively and providing differentiated customer values.
To this end, we will consolidate our business portfolio by focusing on fostering competitive businesses in such fields as energy, industrial materials, and solution, etc. At the same time, we will put our utmost efforts into developing the profit models as well as expanding the value chain.

Most importantly, we are devoted to generating customer values and reconsidering our business values which will support the transformational shift we need to take a significant step forward.
Our efforts to pursue new business opportunities will coalesce around the potential sectors for creating synergy with the current business and achieving future growth.

LGI sincerely requests your continuous interest and support.

Thank you.