Our resources business is comprised of palm, coal, metals and oil&gas businesses. We are currently operating resources businesses across the globe including China, Indonesia, and so on. With this stabilized profit from resources trading, we consolidate our position as a professional trading company specializing in the resources sector. We are also strengthening our palm business and others to utilize them as future growth engines.

LGI has entered the Food&Commodities business by operating a oil palm plantation in Indonesia.

As a result, LGI is stably producing about 80,000 tons of CPO(Crude Palm Oil) per year and plans to expand the production size up to 180,000 tons by securing more oil palm plantations and expanding the size of the factory.

As well as this, LGI will expand the Food&Commodities business based on the experience the company has accumulated in the palm oil production business.

LGI is expanding the development, investment, operation, and trading business of coal mines in Indonesia, China, Australia, and Russia.

Indonesia MPP Coal Mine is the very first coal mine that was successfully developed by a domestic trading company from the exploration to production phase. Since the completion of the MPP Coal Mine, LGI has subsequently invested in Wantugou Coal Mine in China and GAM Coal Mine in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, LGI is taking a step forward to become the largest coal trader in Asia by expanding the coal sales network and investing in transportation infrastructures including open-air storage yards and harbor facilities.

LGI purchases and processes steel coil and provides materials for home appliances and automobiles to the overseas end users. Therefore, LGI is operating steel processing centers in China, Vietnam, India, Poland, and Thailand to provide a one-stop service to our clients that includes inventory management, processing, and sales.

Furthermore, LGI is building a foundation for three-way trading by strategically working together with steel mills in China. At the same time, the company is focusing on market development in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Central and South America.

LGI is also seeking new business opportunities in the field of green minerals that are the raw materials of secondary cells.

LGI has predominantly been investing in mining areas for oil and gas in Asia and the Middle East. The company also recently expanded the development area to Latin America.

LGI is investing in mining areas in Vietnam, and Qatar and the value of the company’s assets in the Middle East is expected to rise.

LGI will continue to secure new promising assets through strategic cooperation with global partners.