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LGI Launched the ‘Future Board’ for Effective Communication
Date : 2016-02-05 | View : 51,197

LGI chose effective communication as the first goal of this year.

LGI announced on the 5th of the month that it has launched a mutual communication channel for the management and employees, known as the ‘Future Board’ this year.  

Future Board is an internal communication tool that means, ‘a council for future preparation’ and was created to allow for the smooth communication between the management group and employees to better understand each other, improve the organizational culture, and promote the development of the company.  

The introduction of the Future Board will help the management group to share business plans, major issues, and management policies with the employees in real time whereas the employees can suggest their ideas for the organizational culture and working environment.

17 employees who represent each Business Division will be selected to operate the Future Board and the CEO, head of each Biz.Group, Management Planning Division, and HR Division will also join as council members.

A representative of LGI stated that, “The importance of communication and teamwork is growing due to the uncertainties of the management environment.” and added, “We already had a presentation on the Future Board at the end of last year for all employees and executives and plan to officially launch the council this March”.

Meanwhile, each team and division of LGI is regularly holding meetings to improve the communication culture of the organization and is also frequently holding the same types of meetings for new employees and employees who are to be promoted.