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LGI Announced the Appointments of Executives in 2016
Date : 2016-01-06 | View : 50,179

LGI finalized the 2016 annual appointment of executives after the board meeting on the 27th of the month and announced the appointment of two new vice president. Hong Hyeong-Gi who led the expansion of coal projects in Indonesia and increased the profitability as a Head of the Indonesia Caol Business Unit and Lee Chang-Hyeon, a Head of Coal Business Division 1, were promoted to vice president.


A representative of LGI stated that, “Talents who contributed in playing a leading role in new markets with their leadership and specialty were appointed strictly based on their skills and performance” and added, “LGI will continue to strive to build a business structure that can stably create profits and strengthen our competitiveness with our new directors.”